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Two Windows in my home could use replacing.
One was a slider, facing the ocean, that we could never use. Even on a sunny day we would open the window and come back, the floor would be soaked… it rained for 5 minutes. So, we just stopped opening the window.

The other one was an old AC unit (to the outside) that was broken but still there, plugging the hole. Thought it would be nice to have a window there.

Then I met Mana. (Island Windows and Doors)

What he said, sounded good. If you’re thinking about replacing one (1) window… he will be there. And NOW, they have a mobile truck that comes out so you can see your choices.

Mana showed me the awning windows and I was sold.
I did not get two windows, I got six (1) plus a sliding door. That’s about half the windows of my home. Got the Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Sliding Door.

The windows came in on schedule and installation took one day.
The installation crew was great.
I did have buyer’s remorse or more like buyer’s envy.
Within a week (could have been the same day as installation) I called Mana and ordered the other windows for my kitchen and living room.
The best decision I’ve ever made… with regards to home improvements, that is.

We can now use all of our windows without worrying about rain.
My son uses the back room now and opens the windows frequently.
He even made a comment “Did you know, I can open the window and not worry about the rain?”
Very satisfied… and it’s been over a year.

My neighbor has been eyeing my windows for a while now and when I told her my story, she had a similar one. “Can’t use the windows on the ocean side and her door (on that side) doesn’t last.”
She was very excited to get Mana’s number. She asked for it before I offered.

Just know, you don’t need to be living on the ocean to get good windows. If you know someone who could use good quality windows, at a reasonable price and extraordinary service, call Island Windows and Doors.
Kanoa Switzer
Ho’oponopono Practitioner