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If your main priority is to keep outside noise from coming in your house and you are not filthy rich, then you’re going to want to get your Windows from these guys. I talked with 4 different companies, and Island is the only one that could even get me a quote on windows that have an OITC rating. The more common STC rating is not useful if you want to block low-frequency sound like helicopter or freeway noise. They sell windows that have OITC of 31 (STC of 35), for about the same price as other companies sell standard windows that aren’t even sound-rated. Forget all the lingo jingo sales tactics from the other companies. Just ask for the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certified numbers like OITC because that tells you how the window will perform. Do keep in mind that Island only sells windows, they do not install. The installation is outsourced, and you will want to be there to make sure the installer ALSO seals the window frame with pro-grade window foam, otherwise the window will not be soundproof. Follow my advice and sleep through the ambulance sirens, and the jack-aszes revv’ing their scooters down your street late at night!

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